Skills Development Modules
Job Aids for Electricians
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Task Name and Number Job Aid / Module
Duty APower Distribution (above 600V)
01Remove/Troubleshoot Breakers
03Replace Fuses
04Connect Tie Breakers
Duty BPower Distribution (600V and below)
01Install Buss Duct
03Troubleshoot 480V System
04Install Bus Plug
05Rack In/Rack Out Breakers
Duty ELighting Systems
01aRepair/Replace Lighting Device (Mercury-Vapor)
01bRepair/Replace Lighting Device (Fluorescent)
02Troubleshoot/Repair Lighting System
Duty GAC and DC Motors
02Troubleshoot DC Wound Field
03Troubleshoot AC Servo Motor
05Troubleshoot DC Motor (Permanent Magnet)
06aReplace Motor (Wiring Three-Phase Induction/Change Rotation)
06bReplace DC Motor (Wiring/Change Rotation)
08Troubleshoot Three-Phase AC Induction Motor
Duty HMagnetic Motor Controls (above 600V)
01Reset Motor Overloads and Replace Fuses
03aTroubleshoot and PM Starter
03bPM Starter
Duty IMagnetic Motor Controls (600V and below)
02Troubleshoot Starter
04Reset Motor Overload
05aReplace AB Starter
05bReplace AB Starter Contacts
05cReplace AB Starter Coils
05dReplace AB Starter Overloads
01aConnect and Operate Programmer (Allen-Bradley)
01bConnect and Operate Programmer (Modicon)
02aBackup Software (Allen-Bradley)
02bBackup Software (Modicon)
03aLoad Program (Allen-Bradley)
03bLoad Program (Modicon)
04aAccess & Modify Data Table (Allen-Bradley)
04bAccess & Modify Data Table (Modicon)
05aModify PLC Program (Allen-Bradley)
05bModify PLC Program (Modicon)
06aTroubleshoot I/O Module (Allen-Bradley)
06bTroubleshoot I/O Module (Modicon)
07aReplace I/O Module (Allen-Bradley)
07bReplace I/O Module (Modicon)
08aTroubleshoot Peripheral (Allen-Bradley)
08bTroubleshoot Peripheral (Modicon)
09aTroubleshoot Processor (Allen-Bradley)
09bTroubleshoot Processor (Modicon)
10aReplace Processor (Allen-Bradley)
10bReplace Processor (Modicon)
11aTroubleshoot PLC Controlled Machine (Allen-Bradley)
11bTroubleshoot PLC Controlled Machine (Modicon)
Duty LCNC Machines and Robots
01Troubleshoot CNC
02Back Up/Load Parameters for Fanuc CNC
04Access and Modify Fanuc CNC Data Table
05Replace Board in a CNC
08Reference Axes/Perform MDI Commands (Fanuc 15)
10Remove/Replace Robot Cable
Duty MAutomated Building Systems (ABS)
01aAdjust Energy Management System (Bldg KK)
Duty OPress Control
01Troubleshoot Press Control
02Repair Press Control
03Time Brake
04Time Clutch
05PM Press and Control
Duty PFurnaces
01aTroubleshoot Furnace (Troms)
01bTroubleshoot Furnace (Roller Hearth Hardening)
01cTroubleshoot Furnace (Carborizer Area)
Duty QCranes and Hoists
01aPM/Troubleshoot/Repair Crane (Retrieval)
01bPM/Troubleshoot/Repair Crane (15 Ton)
02PM/Troubleshoot Hoists
03aSet Up Cranes (Pre-Adjustment Procedures)
03bCrane Main & Auxiliary Hoist Set Up
03cCrane Traverse Control Set Up
03dCrane Alternate Traverse Set Up
03eCrane Traverse Motion with Magnetorque Braking Set Up
04Replace Brake Shoes/Adjust Brakes
08Troubleshoot Radio Controls (Not KK)
Duty RMagnetic Controls (120V and below)
04Troubleshoot Machine Grounds
Duty TDrives(AC, DC, VFD, & Hydraulic)
01aTroubleshoot Drive (ACVS)
01bTroubleshoot Drive (DC Full Range)
02aSet Up/Adjust Drive(ACVS-A/B)
02b1Setup/Adjust Drive (DC Full Range - Reliance)
02b2Set Up/Adjust Drive (DC Full Range GE-Valutrol)
03Adjust Parameters
06Replace Drive
07bPM Drive (DC Full Range)
Duty UPosition Feedback Devices
01aTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Farrand Scale)
01bTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Resolver)
01cTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Encoder)
01dTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Heidenhain Linear Scale)
01eTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Tachometer)
01fTroubleshoot Feedback Device (Sony Magnascale)
02aReplace Feedback Device (Farrand Scale)
02bReplace Feedback Device (Resolver)
02cReplace Feedback Device (Encoder)
02dReplace Feedback Device (Heidenhain Linear Scale)
02eReplace Feedback Device (Tachometer)
02fReplace Feedback Device (Sony Magnascale)
03aClean Linear Scale (Farrand)
03dClean Linear Scale (Heidenhain)
04aSet Up/Adjust Feedback Device (Farrand Scale)
04b1Set Up/Adjust Feedback Device (Resolver Feeding PLC)
04b2Set Up/Adjust Feedback Device (Resolver Feeding Microswinc)
04fSet Up/Adjust Feedback Device (Sony Magnascale)
08Calibrate Resolver (Rotary)
Duty VWelders
02PM Welder (Lincoln)
Duty WInduction Heating
05Replace Board
07PM Induction Heating
Duty XFoundry Furnaces
01Troubleshoot Grounds (Induction Melt)
02Prepare Furnace for Entry (Induction Melt)
02Restore Power to Furnace (Induction Melt)
03Troubleshoot Hydraulic System (Induction Melt)
05Replace Capacitor (Induction Melt)
06aPrepare Furnace for Entry (Arc Melt)
06bRestore Power to Furnace (Arc Melt)
07Troubleshoot Hydraulic System (Arc Melt)
09Troubleshoot Hydraulic System (Induction Holding)
10aPrepare Cabinet for Entry (Induction Holding)
10bRestore Power to Furnace (Induction Holding)
12Replace Capacitors (Induction Holding)
Duty YSystems
01Troubleshoot Velocity Loop
02Troubleshoot Position Loop Control
03Troubleshoot CNC Machine
04Load and Operate Diagnostics
Duty ZTest Cells
01Calibrate Dyno
Duty AALasers
01Change Arc Lamp (Haas-Yag Laser)
02Perform Startup/Shutdown on CO2 Laser

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