Skills Development Modules
Job Aids and Skill Checks
for Maintenance Mechanics
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Task Name and Number Job Aid / Module
Duty AAPumps (Fluid Power)  
02Overhaul Piston Pump
Duty ABLinear Actuators
01aRebuild Cylinder (Hydraulic)
01bRebuild Cylinder (Pneumatic)
Duty ACRotary Actuators
02aRebuild Rotary Actuator
02bRebuild Rotary Actuator (Rack and Pinion)
03Replace Rotary Actuator
Duty ADAccumulators
03PM/Charge Accumulator
Duty AFValves
01Change and Set Counterbalance Valve
Duty AHHoses and Tubing
02Fabricate Hydraulic Hose Assembly
03Bend Tubing
Duty AJAir Motors
01Rebuild Air Motor (Graco Bulldog)
Duty BABearings (Roller/Taper)
01Pre-load Roller Packs (Sundstrand)
Duty BBSpindles
06Set Bearing Load
08Check Drawbar Pressure
Duty BCBall Screws
01Remove and Replace Ball Screw
02Replace Ball Screw Bearings (Sundstrand)
03Check Ball Screw Nut (Sundstrand)
04Check Axis for Lost Motion (Sundstrand)
Duty BDAlignment
02Check and Adjust Table Squareness with Axis Travel (Sundstrand)
03aAlign Components (Laser)
03bAlign Components (Mechanical)
04aCheck Machine Geometry and Lost Motion
04bCheck Machine Geometry (Cylindrical Square and Granite Block)
06Align Drive (Ingersoll)
07aSet Home (Sundstrand)
07bSet Home (Mandelli 14)
07cSet Home (Cincinnati T-40)
07dSet Home (Cincinnati T-30)
07eSet Home (Gray VTL)
07fSet Home (MSI)
09Check for Machine Error (Sundstrand)
Duty BEWays and Gibs
03Replace and Set Tychoway Bearings
04PM Ways & Gibs
07Set and Adjust Gibs
Duty BGCounterbalance
04Troubleshoot/Repair Counterbalance or Counterweight System
Duty BIMachine Installation
06Operate Mill/Drill in MDI and Manual Modes
Duty BKMachine Bladders
01Replace Bladder
Duty BLTool Changers
02Align a Tool Changer (Kearney Trecker - LL Pit Machines)
03Align Tool Changer (Cincinnati)
04Align Tool Changer (G & L)
Duty BNTurret
01Repair and Align Turret
Duty BORobots
01Rebuild Robot Gripper
02PM Robots (Balance System)
03Check Fluids
04Replace Robot Wrist Motor (Set Brakes)
Duty CABrakes
01Adjust Vertical Brake (Sundstrand)
Duty CBClutches
01bRebuild Clutch (Torque Limiter)
Duty CCGear Boxes
01aRebuild Gear Box
01bRebuild Gear Box
03Replace Gear Box
Duty DAGuards (Lexon, Metal, Rubber)
02Repair/Replace Guard
Duty DJFilters
02Replace Coolant Screens
Duty EADocks
01Replace Dock
02Rebuild Dock
04aRepair McGuire Dock (Lift Roller)
04bRepair Kelly Dock (Hinge Pin/Ratchet Holdown/ Chain, Pins)
Duty EFDoors
01Troubleshoot Doors (Fast Track)
02Troubleshoot Door (Sectional)
Duty EGCranes/Hoists
02PM Crane/Hoist (15 Ton)
05Replace Crane/Hoist Cable (Wire Rope)
06PM Retrieval Crane (Mechanical)
07aReplace Components (Retrieval Crane-Guide Wheel)
07bReplace Components (Retrieval Crane - Speed Sensor Box)
07cReplace Components (Retrieval Crane-Drive Wheel)
08Repair Components (Retrieval Crane - Level Elevator)
09Remove/Replace Hoist
Duty FACarbon Arc Torch (Arc Air)
01Remove Material (Metal)
Duty FGOxygen Acetylene
02Apply Hard Surface
03Hand Burn Profile
05Heat and Form Material
06Set and Change Dies
Duty APumps (Not Hydraulic)
04Repair Vacuum Pump
06PM Vacuum Pump
07bRebuild Pump (Graco Displacement)
09bRebuild Pump (Aro Diaphragm)
Duty BLube Systems
01Troubleshoot Trabon
17Calibrate Oil Mist Lube System (Norgren)
Duty CFixturing
03Rebuild Fixture (BMD Manipulator)
Duty DRigging/Lifting
01Assemble Lifting Device
03Demonstrate Proper Rigging & Lifting Techniques
Duty ETest Cells
01Install Dyno
05Replace Chuck (Hydra Lock/Cold Test)
Duty GConveyors
09Repair Conveyor (Power & Free - Track Section/Extender/ Pull Chain)
11Troubleshoot Conveyor (Power & Free)
12Repair/Replace Conveyor (Auger)
19Troubleshoot Chip Conveyor
26PM Conveyor (Power & Free)
29Remove and Replace Transfer Bar
31Replace Belt (Product)
32Adjust and Train Belts
33Replace/Adjust Drive Chain (Power & Free)
34Replace Headpulley/Tailpulley (Belt)
35PM and Repair Carrier (Power & Free)
36Clear Jam (Power & Free)
Duty HFurnaces (Foundry)
04Replace Power Cable (Water-Cooled)
Duty KHeating/Cooling Systems
01Rebuild Cooling Tower
02Repair Heat Exchanger
06PM Heat Exchanger (Clean)
08Rebuild Pump (Centrifugal)
Duty MPiping Systems
01Install Piping System (Pneumatic/Water, Steam, and Gas)
03Replace/Repair Complex Valves
06Troubleshoot Water Supply (Cooling)
10Repair/Rebuild Hose Reel
Duty NSystem Troubleshooting
01Troubleshoot Hydraulic System
02Troubleshoot Pneumatic System
03Hydraulic PM
05Correlate Components Problems with Hydraulic Valves
06Correlate Components Problems with Pneumatic Valves
Duty PSteam Systems
03Perform Startup and Shutdown Procedures
05Troubleshoot Steam System
09Rebuild Bucket Trap
Duty QGas Generators
01Check and Adjust Burners and Regulators
05Replace Retort Tubes and Install Media/Catalyst
Duty RMachine Shocks
01Adjust Machine Shocks
02Rebuild Machine Shocks
Duty SDiagnostic Tools
01Perform Thermal Imaging
02Perform Vibration Analysis

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