Skills Development Modules
Job Aids for Toolmakers
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Task Name and Number Job Aid / Module
Duty BLathes (CNC)
01Program CNC Lathe
02Machine Taper
07Set Up Machine
20Cut Profile
Duty FMills (CNC)
01Program/Edit CNC Mill
04Set Up Machine
17Cut Contour
Duty GBoring Mill (Manual)
03Bore Hole
04Climb Mill Piece
05Chart Dimensions
07Set Up Machine
13Pick Up Centerline Piece
17Spot, Drill, Ream, and Tap Hole
Duty HBoring Mill (CNC)
01aProgram Boring Mill (G&L)
01bProgram Boring Mill (FANUC)
Duty IJig Bore
02Machine Hole
03Set Up Jig Bore
04Chart Dimensions
11Drill Compound Angle Hole
Duty KInternal Grinder
01Grind Surface
07Set Up Machine
16Change/Dress Grinding Wheel
Duty LExternal Grinder
02Grind Surfaces
08Set Up External Grinder Equipment
14Polish Center
15Change/Dress Grinding Wheel
Duty NCenter Grinder
01Grind Center
Duty AAShadow Graph (Mossville Only)
01Set and Check Size
03Set Up Machine
Duty ABTap Burner
01Set Up Machine
02Remove Broken Piece and Add Hole
Duty AEJob Processing
01Write Job Process (Mossville)
03Order Raystar Print (Mossville)
04Order Raystar Print (E. Peoria)
Duty AJTool Room Bench
02Apply/Remove Turcite
03Repair Machine and Miscellaneous Parts
05Write/Enter Process Data
08Perform Broaching
09Perform Lapping
16Build/Redesign New PX Tooling
20Procure Crib Items

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